Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day out to London

Great day out yesterday. Paulene,an internet chum of mine had some of her work in an exhibition at Walton on Thames in South London. It was in a small but wonderful gallery by the river and so after we had chatted, eaten lunch and of course admired the brilliant work on display, went for a walk down the tow path.

As you can see, the weather was goriously sunny, just a slight chill in the air.

These swans were enjoying their daily feed, courtesy of the local bakery. Who take the time to go down to the river with any left over stale bread. Wonderful sight to see so many swans together. Of course they all belong to the Queen, a quaint old English custom.

You may be pleased to note,I have not been neglecting my own artwork, in fact I have been doing quite a lot, I have however been neglecting my blog. Sorry folks.

Here are a few snippets.

My embellisher machine has become a very good friend... I am really enjoying using it. So have done loads of work with it. I just love the way it keeps the fabric soft.

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