Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fresh Thinking

Always think this is a better time of year for fresh thinking. The New Year celebrations induce you to plan for the year ahead, but with the start of spring weather, most folks get a spring in their step as the better weather in the Northern hemisphere ( in my instance Europe) starts to get a grip. Generally I seem to "come alive". Ready for new directions and fresh thinking.

This morning I spent some time in the garden admiring a new tree I had purchased. As you can see I was accompanied by another interested party too.

I just love its shape and recall being entralled by the huge buds on this species. Something I had inherited from my mother who also loved springtime and the catkins and the Easter lambs, chicks and all that goes with it .

My mother was a gardener, I cannot claim that. So I had no idea what this tree was........ so when I looked it up in her gardening book, imagine my surprise to find out its a willow, ornamental I suspect. So no planting it in the garden then, it will have to stay in a pot.

The buds are so wonderful. Seem to be bursting with growth, hope my artistic creativity does the same.

On the note of creartivity, I had some work in an exhbition in Sussex, last month, and the sun was shining brightly on the day I stewarded. Just love the shadows from the ornate windows in this photo that I took. Instantly knew it would be useless as a record of the work, but kept it for the wonderful shadows. Played shadows today with my 3 year old grandson on the way back from the park - such fun looking at the world from a toddlers perspective. More fresh thinking.


nadine said...

Really love your Potted Pussy willow. I think the catkins are so poetic and lovely.

MargaretR said...

That photo of the pusyy willows is so beautiful and the shadows too. As you can see you are coming through loud and clear today.