Sunday, March 11, 2007

More excitements and experiments

We recently had a challenge to help a friend who is undertaking a University degree in London. The challenge was to complete 40 drawings in 3 weeks, this was the task her tutors had set her. To get her through the task, she asked if we would join her. The subject matter was to be a personal choice relevant to the individual. I was one to volunteer.

The theme I wanted to indulge my studies and time in - was/is to experiment with a variety of graphic media and create pages of colour and marks, that I hopefully could recreate in stitch ( machine or hand) and fabric. This sketchbook would then become my method of communicating some of my intentions in fibres and thread. In other words - my mark making.

Here you can see 10% ( ie 4 pages) of the work I have completed. I want to develop this further by adding small stitched samples to the pages. I will then be able to judge whether the marks are useful and whether they work for me. One thing I can say...... it is a really enjoyable exercise.

The sketchbook measures 20 X 20 cm (8ins X 8 ins), and the media you can see here, is monoprinting, graphitint pencils, wax rubbing, and coloured pencils.

Of course the proof will be evident when you can spot some of these experiments appearing in my art work.

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