Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day trip to Cirencester

Had some exam business to attend to today in a neighbouring county, so on the way home, decided to call into this town.

Gill of elegent sufficiency blog should be able to recognise where this is! Some really nice chocolate in this shop. If not recognised yet..... is another clue!

However one of the reasons to visit, was to go to the art shop ( the green fronted one in the photo) to get some more inktense pencils. I am really enjoying using these, so decided to invest in a couple more colours. Another reason to go was to pick up dearly beloveds Fathers day gift from the Jewellers . So quick reminder for all interested ..... its June do I know? My children told me!


Gill said...

Maggie, I was in the art shop on the same day but at a different time, buying a sketchbook for my holiday. Though I've passed the choccy shop loads of times, I've yet to be tempted in there, but when I am, I shall blame you!

Sheep Rustler said...

Ok, now I feel homesick. I lived in Tetbury for five years and used to goi nto Cirencester most weekends. That chocolate shop has sold a variety of things over the years, I think when we left in 1990 it was selling ethnic stuff. We always used to take our kids into the church to look for the cat and mouse carved high up in the ceiling.