Saturday, June 30, 2007

Time for Textiles-- at last

Finally...... have found time to do some textiles the last couple of days. What a pleasure!

The withdrawel symptoms are hard to handle, so I am pleased to be able to get going again. The past few days have seen better weather here, and certainly some very pleasant breezes, so why am I sharing a weather report with you? Its ideal weather for dyeing fabric and getting it to dry.

My thoughts were that I would dye a bit differently. So I have been tie dying and batik dyeing. Thats why the weather is quite important.

For Health and Safety purposes I like to batik dye with lots of fresh air, preferably not in the rain -wax and water are not a good solution in fact downright dangereous!

The tye dying has been washed through, and yes I have hung them to dry under cover, and they are very simple. I just wanted to have some basic fabrics to cut into, in my stash. I seem to have used most of my tie dye stash up.

The batiks are narrative images rather than abstracts. Here is the first with the wax removed by ironing. A very simple line drawing of a swan. Still have the other batiks to iron, a long process. Will blog those as and when they are ironed. May be a wait, as this is not the part I like doing.
Now, how and what with, will I embellish the swan? I'd like to keep it simple, as the batik has worked well IMHO. Do you get the same problems getting going on your work and deciding which direction to take?

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MargaretR said...

I'm glad you have found time for your fabrics at last Maggie. That swan is wonderful!
I just hate the ironing the wax out too. I look forward to seeing the swan in it's later stages and I think it begs to be left simple.