Thursday, June 07, 2007

Straight stitch (Satin) TAST 22

I really enjoyed this challenge... so much so I have overrun the time. In the photo above, I have created a Bargello ( Florentine stitch), and also in my hand dyed even weave linen I have withdrawn the thread, then stitched it back in with straight stitches to make the colour sequences change. Rather like Ikat weaving.

Hey ho.... trouble is I got a bit too enthusiastic and started slanting the straight..... thinking on the terms of What if......? So please forgive me for getting carried away. So here are some more photos of this challenge.

I started with some of my own dyed canvas and silk and threads, I had some bought threads in the right colours too, and had some paper drinking straws. For a little variety - I also had some wire used for keeping the flies out of greenhouses. I did find this too hard on the fingers and threads though.

I was so pleased that I have mounted the pieces onto an A3 sheet of paper ( I coloured it) then I can use it for reference.

Then I did some wild experiements- using a transparent nylon fabric as a ground, I used velvet ribbon, glitzy thread, shiny rayon thread and the red..... is a plastic net used by the supermarkets to wrap oranges. Great fun!


downunderdale said...

wow - they are great Maggie - and I love the colours as well - cheers

Annica said...

You must have had a great time! Looks wonderful!

Carol said...

Fabulous Maggie, realy love te colours of your dyed fabrics