Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Royal Ascot

Had to visit Ascot today on exam business, and as I had a 2pm appointment-

It was great fun to watch the crowds going to the races. The hats were very boxy with rims ( lots of black) and wiry petals hanging off the brims, as the wearers were walking they were bouncing around ( the wiry bits I mean), very animated. I also noted that there were some very high heeled winkle pickers and the ladies wearing them were not necessarily in their first flush of youth, and looked most uncomfortable. The gentlemen were resplendant in their top hats and tails. The dress code is of course well established, and its ladies day tomorrow ( Thursday) - watch the papers for the lastest fashions. For does and don'ts on the dress code...... look ........ here.

Needless to say I was driving..... so lack of photos, of the fashions. Here is the photo of the new stand opened last year.

These are the front gates, lots of police in attendance in their bright yellow jackets.

And here are the remnants of the champagne picnics in the grounds.

However on the way back, my chauffeur allowed me to get a few photos, alas from a moving car , so sorry for the poor quality of he photos. If you click on the images they will enlarge for you.
Exams are nearly over now, just the paperwork to do..... may be able to get back to my stitching soon.


Gerry said...

How fun! Thanks for the dress code link. I just love those hats. Way too funny about the divorc'ees, criminals and bankrupts!

MargaretR said...

I did enjoy my catchup on your blog Maggie. You almost make me change my mind and eat cake instead of dancing to celebrate, it looks lovely. Mmmm!

NuvoFelt said...

Oh yes, Maggie. I've been caught in that traffic. Good idea to take a chauffeur! Did you manage a trip to E Berks College too?