Thursday, September 06, 2007


Can you spot the sleeping cat? You would think at 17 years old, she would have given up sleeping on damp earth. She used to like to hide on the bare earth to catch unsuspecting mice, butterflies and the like..... nowadays she sleeps on the job. The Schnauzer could not see her... but then he has a lot of hair over his eyes. He had to use his trusty nose and sniffed her out.

Have been dyeing some more bits of cloth... ended up reminding me of the military uniforms they are wearing in the Gulf as desert camouflage .

So what did I use?

Any guesses?


Sarah Nopp said...

The cloth is gorgeous- like birch bark. It will be really hard to cut into I imagine.
My old cat has started sleeping on hard surfaces too- used to be he would be on the softest cushions he could find. Now he lies across the kitchen floor. Silly old man.

carrie said...

A candlestick?

Very nice rusted fabric

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Hi Carrie,
Could not return the visit to your blog.... Its not a candle stick....but a good guess...its actually on of those holders for christmas trees... it started to rust in the garage. So it was an ideal candidate for my dyeing.

MargaretR said...

My GM used to have an oil lamp with a stand like that. I have been missing your blogs of late as I have been a bit busy. I enjoyed catching up. I wish I was near enough to pop over to see those sculptures, especially the ladies.