Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cat Napping

You probably think I have been cat napping over the past few days, due to the lack of blog entries.

I'm afraid you would be wrong........have done lots of embellishing and stitching. However this has been interupted by having to look after the ageing moggy. At 17, she has gone deaf recently, but when she started squeaking instead of shouting at me, I became concerned, and so took her for a check up. I thought it might be the end..... but no.... the vert says for her age she is fine... albeit deaf and her voice is going too. Nothing wrong with eyesight or nose. Vet's advice.. indulge her ... feed her watever she wants. Think the old lady heard that all right! However her mouse catching days are over..... much to the relief of the local vermin... she was very efficient.

She does like to sleep a great deal now, in my studio, under the printer. The Siamese sleeps on top of the printer, its a bit like bunk beds for cats.

However as usual I digress....... have been trying to get back into making simple stab books for the W & G stitching and rust dyeing I spoke of earlier.... I'm getting there. I have finished this one off... its one of those dreaded UFO's .... I had finished the others. Now there are 3.

Have also finished this small piece of hand stitching - just for fun. Its the colours that appeal to me .
I attended a lovely meeting today with like minded artists, and we are exhibiting together in Bridport Arts Centre in March next year. I will remind you nearer the time.. don't worry. I have some work I would like to show, and lots of ideas in my sketchbook to develop it further. Isn't it exciting?


Angelcat said...

Your darling old lady deserves to be spoiled in her old age, doesn't she look so peaceful. How exciting an exhibition to plan for, please do remind us nearer the time as I would love to go.

Maggie Grey said...

Your cat is a great age, Maggie. My daughter has one of 24 and it doesn't do much these days. Her little girl(5)has been promised a dog 'When Mischief goes to Heaven'. The waiting was obviously getting a bit tedious so she asked Fiona the other day if they could sell Mischief on ebay!

artisbliss said...

My oldest most beloved cat died just short of 19 years old, in his sleep. He was older than my oldest son at the time, deaf, arthritic, etc. but could still put away the groceries and was very loving and bright eyed. I still miss him. He was a grand cat.

I love your book. I have made a few journal type books with handmade paper bindings but never one using fabric. May have to try that.

jordiw said...

I am glad she has the lower "bunkbed" it makes for easier access for the old bones. I am sure you will have no trouble treating her like the queen that she obviously is, and she will be happily spoiled. Wish there wasn't an ocean between me and the exhibition, be sure to post pics..