Saturday, September 15, 2007

Knitting & Stitching Show at NEC Birmingham

Decided to take the coach for this trip to the K & S show, it was lovely to be driven, and beautiful weather. I like traveling by coach, you can see so much more of the countryside. Today it was so clear. This is the River Severn... running alongside the M5. I am not sure which county we were in, maybe Gloucester shire.

I had worked out everything I wanted to see and had made a small shopping list ( please note small!) First port of call was the Bernina stand, but the foot I wish to get.... will have to order it. All sold out. Shame.

So then I went along to the Val Campbell- Harding Exhibition, Jane Lemon and Maggie Grey have done a wonderful job of the display.
It is excellent. I was really excited about it and looking forward to seeing the work all together, and it was one of the reasons I wished to go to the NEC. However I was not prepared for my reaction at all, it really took me by surprise..... I became very emotional. I realised how fortunate I have been, to have handled and talked to her about many of the exhibits on show today. Very humbling. Huge thank you to Jane, who took me to one side and talked about the new group GWE, and that helped to bring my emotions back under control.
Next stop ..along to Myfanwy.. and here I needed to supplement my stash of machine threads...Myfanwy had all the colours I needed. Also went along to another trader and have bought some moonshadow spray, and some more lutrador to play with - so exciting. Neither were on my shopping list.. whoops!

I then looked at Suhandan Ozay exhibition of Turkish shoes, which she makes.... they are brilliant. They are wedding shoes from the "dowry trunk"

In the entrance to the NEC were some large sculptural columns, quite amazing, made by Helene
Soubeyran, and she has kindly given me permission to show the photo on my blog. These are all her past works... squashed into columns..... amazing.

Spent some more money on stuff that was on my shopping list, that always feels better.
After a cup of tea in the refreshment area, I went back to see Maggie Grey...she was not quite so busy, and she showed me the piece of work she has created over the last 3 days at the K & S... and apologies Maggie I have forgotton the title of it. I have to say the textures are wonderful, and yes, folks she is missing blogging!! See her blog ..Here

I know she will be chatting to you on her blog about the show, as soon as she get's back, and I am sure you will remind me of the title too, Maggie.

Here's a closer look....... of the embellished fabric.

I had a wonderful chat with Audrey Walker at the 62 stand, and was so pleased to finally have met her. Later when I went along to Clyde Oliver's exhibition space ( Embroiderers Guild scholar) Audrey was there chatting to Clyde. He was explaining his present work with shadows, and I felt quite privileged to have visited his blog and so could understand his work. His ideas are brilliant. Have a look at his blog here. Well worth the visit.

His exhibition space was most inspiring, I just love the colour of the slate he works with.
On the journey home I could not help myself.. My thoughts had been deeply influenced by the idea of shadows after listening to Clyde talk to Audrey.I kept watching the shadow of the coach.... how it had no respect for any surface... it always appeared.... except on water. Fascinating..... try watching shadows.

Here's the shadow of the coach along the M40 motorway. Food for thought?
If you have the opportunity to go to the K & S . You will not be disappointed. The next one is at Ally Pally in October, and on the Saturday I shall be there at the CTDG stand.... please say hello.


Dorothy said...

Hi Maggie, Looks like you had far too much fun. Funnily enough I saw some pics of shadows yesterday at a lecture I went to by Carole Waddle called 'Art on the Rocks'. She had used her journies to the Grand Canyon area as her source and there are some ancient shadow images there.

Toni said...

Hi Maggie
Have enjoyed your blog. I am up unusually early and catching up on some web reading. Your image of the Severn stirs some delightful memories of visiting the UK. Can understand your response to the Val CH exhibition. I never met her as I was in the UK when she visited Sydney. However I was so inspired by her books and articles. Have met both Jane Lemon and Maggie Grey and can appreciate that they would have organised her tribute well.
Also enjoyed Clyde's blog. What a fascinating world we all share! I like photographing shadows and reflections too.
Thanks for sharing with me.

Susan said...

Your post was overwhelmingly emotional for me. Thank you ever so much for writing it. For several years I fantasized about going to one of these Knitting and Stitching Shows...always hoped to go to London. Last year, however, I got to go...and it was to Birmingham.

My elder son had just moved there. I came bringing pots and pans, blankets and sheets, towels, and enough cash to cover the other expenses associated with a first flat in a foreign country. I selected that weekend, instead of the weekend beforehand, in order to attend the K & S Show. I went to the NEC during the day while my son was "at work"...still a strange thing to say about ballet...but, as a professional dancer, ballet is work.

Anyway, the show was more than I dared hoped to encounter. I watched Maggie Grey (who I didn't know and couldn't introduce myself too...she was just too amazing for words)...even brought the son back on Sunday to see her in action. (He thought she was the "hit" of the entire event.) I didn't realize that Valerie Campbell-Harding had passed on. I bought her last book without knowing its significance.

I had been in the only class Valerie Campbell-Harding ever taught in the Louisville where she fell and blackened both her eyes but kept teaching as if nothing had ever happened. So, I read your post with a bit of nostalgia...for last year and for the four days for Valerie.

More than reminiscing, I read your post with anticipation. I am fortunate enough to be going to the show in London this year. I've coordinated the show with Birmingham Royal Ballet's London tour. After reading your impressions, I'm more excited than ever...thank you so very, very much! I am so excited. Thanks for the "first impressions" for what is surely going to be a fabulous time in London!

katelnorth said...

It sounds very promising - which is good, as I am hoping to go in October!