Sunday, January 17, 2010

Its gone at last!

It has at last gone.. this photo was taken 36 hours ago, before the rain came. The weathermen are threatening us with some more snow in the middle of next week. They are quite good at getting their forecasts wrong though. ( fingers crossed)

Herr Schnauzer has spent a great deal of his time snoozing in the bosses' chair, during this snowy weather. He is not keen on snow at all.

Whereas some of us have been a little more diligent, especially now that it has warmed up... almost tropical today with temperatures of +8 C, and much more comfortable. Sooooo.. time to sort out the mess that is my workroom .

Mr Siamese is quite excited and ready to start work and helping me to get the machine out of the case.

Then the impatient wait, whilst I clear some space on the table for the machine. What a mess in the workroom. Not a lot of work has been going on in there over the Christmas holidays.

Some one is getting very impatient! What a "look"

Once the machine was up and working. A lot of machining later and this is one of the samples of our hard labour --------can you guess what I was doing? Which presser foot was I using to play with?

Mr Siamese is very fond of my Tina Turner CD... or maybe today, he is just keeping his feet warm whilst watching me play on the sewing machine.

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