Thursday, January 07, 2010

Still here and bitterly cold!

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Well its still here...all that snow....... here is the terrace with lots of Herr Schnauzer paw prints. He is not that keen on having cold paws.... and does not go beyond the terrace. This photo across part of the garden shows pristine snow --- no paws have ventured that far..

We have cleared the path to the back gate.. so he can safely get there to bark at any unsuspecting passerby who is braving the elements on foot or on their sledges.

As for Mr Siamese... he is enjoying extra duvet sign of him at all!

I have been tidying away all the pieces that have not sold at the recent exhibitions and finally managed to get all the Christmas decorations into the loft ready for next year. Phew!

Now I am contemplating getting into my studio ( thankfully it is in the house and is warm) I have a lot of tidying up to do in there. I might then have the space to be able to start some more new work.

I really feel for a friend whose studio roof has collapsed.... such a lot of tidying up to do, just wish I could go and help.

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Julie said...

Our snow looks like yours Maggie but with bird footprints (Sssh! Don't tell the cats!)

Poor Helen, she must be devastated. Thank goodness noone was hurt though. You have to cope with these things but where do you begin?