Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Time flies

It is still frosty underfoot and the forecast is for a lot of snow tonight and tomorrow - up to 40cm, I reckon that is about 16 inches in old money.
So I am pleased that I can hibernate for a little while. Had a wonderful day yesterday, the Exhibition of Great Western Embroiderers at Frameworks was taken down and was really successful, despite the recession.

In the afternoon I gave a talk to the Embroiderers Guild in Marlborough. As it was very icy, cold and slippery I thought not many people would venture out. I was very surprised that about 60 did come to the meeting. A lovely group of ladies, so enthusiastic about their stitching and a wonderful audience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

On returning home, we unpacked the car, then had to venture out again to 9 year olds' birthday party. The roads were like an ice rink.. so we could not stay long. However just long enough to eat some cake and blow out the candles.

So maybe a day of stich and keeping warm tomorrow...... might be the best idea.

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