Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marlborough Branch of the Embroiderers Guild and Swindon GWE

Had a very productive time at the Marlborough EG today. A special workshop had been organised for any members who subscribe to Maggie Greys WOW.
Most stitchers were working on the re-cycled project, but I decided to try something different.
I took along my new portable sewing table - a Christmas Present.
It was wonderful and made the stitching so easy.

My plan is to use pfd calico, seamed together in strips, and then made into a finished quilt. Using the design in my sketchbook for the next Lydiard exhibition with the GWE. I propose to paint the picture onto the quilt with dye. I just hope the idea works.

I now have to decide what sort of quilting I will do. It will be FME, but I shall use the book that Dijanne kindly sent me before she left Australia. This will be my reference for the stitching which I shall probably do on my Pfaff. I will then bind it, and it will be ready to paint.

Then after all that excitement went along to the first official meeting of the Great Western Embroiderers evening group. Lovely, creative evening playing with cocoon strippings.

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