Monday, October 11, 2010

Car shed to Studio- The transformation

This is the shed for the car.... well formerly.... its ages since we put the car in there as it was more of a storage garage. So I have cleared all the gear out of there, sold a lot of it on eBay.. like my Mum's 3 knitting machines and a spare exhaust for hubby's motorbike to name just a few items.

I am having the space transformed into a downstairs studio. Very exciting.............. but also very dusty. Builders dust seems to penetrate the whole house. Its looking wonderful and I am very excited about having my studio downstairs.


Gill said...

Maggie, this is so exciting - it's going to be such a great working space!

Angelcat said...

Wow that is exciting news. I hope all goes to plan and you get your dream studio space.

MargaretR said...

It's going to be a very handy space for you to work Maggie.

Helen Cowans said...

Looking good!