Thursday, October 28, 2010

Machine Perspectives

I do love sewing machines, whether they are very old or very new.... I think they are wonderful. I know many of my friends collect shoes, some handbags, but for me its the sewing machine.
They do tend to be a bit pricey, so that does tend to curtail my collection of them.

At any show, such as the knitting and Stitching or the Festival of Quilts, you will find me hovering around the sewing machine stands. I think I inherited this obsession from my father, who always took great pleasure in visiting the motor show at Earls Court to see the latest inventions to be found on the motor cars.

At the K & S show in London this year, I was very impressed by the stand and the work on show by the Manchester School, showing machined examples of their students and teachers. You might recall, I wanted to buy the accompanying book, but unfortunately it was so heavy I was not able to carry it home. So I have just received it from Amazon... and am absolutely thrilled with it. Its the sort of book I like, I can dip in and out a chapter at a time. Lots of interesting information. Of course it is also lovely to see one of my ex students featured in the book... wonderful.

The studio is progressing, lots of painting going on and the electrician is here this morning to wire up and give me the necessary certificate. I ordered the flooring yesterday, but they cannot fit it until Wednesday......Arghhhh.... never mind ... will give me a chance to sort out the present workroom.

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