Saturday, October 09, 2010

Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace

Julia Caprara 1939 to 2008, a Retrospective - was the highlight of the show at Alexandra Palace for me. It was fantastic to see her work and sketchbooks all together in one space. It was a very crowded space, but when I returned later in the day, it was calm and almost empty. I took a number of photos, and realised how much I miss her mentoring. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to catch up with Alex again.

I also enjoyed the work on display by the Wessex Textile Artists: Not Set in Stone. My artist friend Lynn Prosser is a member of this group, as is another stitchy friend Maggie Grey. Great to see so many visitors flocking to the stand to have a look at their work.

However I was very surprised and very pleased to see an ex student of mine exhibiting in the Alice Kettle and Jane McKeating: Machine Stitch Perspectives. Well done Louise Charles. Brilliantly colourful piece of work. I wanted to purchase the accompanying book, but unfortunately they did not have it in paperback, and the HB was quite heavy, and I had to consider travelling on public transport.

I had a good look around the The Global Paper Exhibition from Holland, it was in a lovely large space..... but paper really does not float my boat..... I found it hard to be very enthusiastic. It was a good display though.

I had never visited on the first day of the show before, and it was good to see lots of students visiting as well, notebooks at the ready. I only made a few purchases, which is so unlike me. Returned home very late .. 10pm... and very tired body and legs... but well worth it.

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Gill said...

I am so very envious of your visit, Maggie. Usually, I feel a bit ho hum, thinking that it's pretty similar each year and I wonder if I should give it a miss. Then, like this year, I have other commitments and can't go along...and I really miss it!!

The Julia Caprara exhibition must have been a feast of colour and texture - such a talented lady, sadly missed.