Friday, March 21, 2008

Bridport Arts Centre

We took a trip down to Bridport Arts Centre yesterday. A long car journey from here, as we were beset by roadworks, tractors and "Sunday drivers". The roads are not conducive to overtaking, so patience was a virtue. The reason for the journey was to go and see the Exhibition - poster here. If you want to see it .... be quick you only have tomorrow and then it comes down.

I fell in love with Bridport, its a lovely town. The Arts Centre, gallery upstairs is a lovely space too. I would imagine it was a school room at some stage. The comments book was full of wonderful comments too.

The photo is a view of part of the room, probably about a quarter, it is a large space.

Well, had better get back to the embellisher whilst Mr Siamese finishes his morning nap! Another deadline is looming!


carrie said...

I drove from Portsmouth to see this exhibition; we managed to have a pretty good look at it before it closed early. We very much enjoyed the various pieces and techniques and it is a lovely space to show things off in. We went off to explore the town in the pouring rain afterwards - it's a lovely place, even in the rain! So glad I read your blog and was able to visit

nadine said...

happy easter !