Friday, March 14, 2008

Great time and exhibition

I had a great time at the NEC (Sewing for Pleasure show) yesterday. Sorry for the delay in telling you about it, but family crisis delayed me again.
The journey to and from the NEC was terrible, so much traffic and so took us twice as long as usual. Herr Schnauzer was crossed legged by time we got home!! He is always so good though. We arrived a little late to the NEC for my stewarding stint, and a lovely surprise was waiting for me..... Sue --see her blog and purchases--- here it was lovely to meet a fellow blogger, thanks for coming along to say hello. Thanks for getting me some wonderful buttons Sue. Think between us we have enough to start a shirt factory!!

As you can see the bag went on its promised outing! I was very pleased with it, and it was admired by many people.

The highlights of the show, for me, were the Journal Quilts of Contemporary Group( Quilters Guild), the Tudor clothing ( wow) and the Indian beading. I also had a really good look around the Treasures of Textiles of the WI. It was a huge exhibition and so varied. I really enjoyed looking at the work. I also met up with Gill another fellow blogger and Internet chum. She was wearing the most gorgeous embroidered jacket.
We took a photo, but it is on Gill's camera not mine. She is staying at Birmingham until the end of the show..... so it may be a little while until you can see her wonderful jacket.

I was stewarding at the Journal quilts 2007 stand and met a lot of interesting ladies, it is one of the pleasures of stewarding. Here are 5 of my journal quilts.

This challenge, 2007, started as an idea for creating an A4 mini quilt. The format would allow us to experiment with different ideas and techniques. It was great fun. As we finished the challenge at the end of the year, we learned that we received support for exhibiting the JQ's at different show venues around the UK. This venue is the first, and only a selection were on show.... all of them will be on show at Sandown in June. I will let you know nearer the time, if you want to have a look.

I was really restrained in my purchases, if you want to have a look, there is a photo on my 365 photo blog here aren't those fabrics delicious?

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Julie said...

I went to the NEC today Maggie and had a look at your very impressive display! Beautiful work from yourself and all the ladies. I wasn't quite as restrained as you on the shopping front! lol