Wednesday, March 12, 2008

GWE Meeting yesterday

Had a wonderful Great Western Embroiderers meeting, we looked at ways of manipulating fabric... such fun. Our session leader was poorly ( hope you are feeling better Sue) and so at the 11th hour I had to step in and lead. I have to publically say a big thank you to Angela for her support in bringing some wonderful books and magazines which give us added inspiration, and the members of the committee who all chipped in as well. We are very lucky in that we also have some very skilled and enthusiastic members, who were happy to share their knowledge with us. Great meeting.

Getting ready for the NEC show in Birmingham tomorrow. I have the bag ready ( the one form yesterdays post), must not forget to take the camera, as I suddenly realised I did not take a photo of my Journal Quilts that are being shown there tomorrow......stand ZK18... ... Hope the lighting is OK so I can get a good photo. Exciting isn't it?


Julie said...

I am going to the show on Saturday so I shall look out for your quilt. Hope you enjoy the show!

Angelcat said...

Aww thanks Maggie, I don't feel I did a lot but I agree we seem to have a great committee with everyone willing to pitch in when needed. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!