Sunday, March 02, 2008

TIF February Challenge- last posting.

So I did not quite make the end of February for posting.... but I am only 2 days late.
The colours and the subject matter of the February TIF challenge... had both fired my imagination and enthusiasm.
So I made a start with the images and played with a wide variety of media, such as tissue paper, wax resist, wrapped wire and of course some fabrics and threads. See my inspiration post here
Isn't February a short month?
By time I had gathered my sketches and samples together.. it was the end of the month. My main focus was the mosaics and the hypercausts, somehow they started to merge together. So I have taken photos of all my sketches, 3D maquettes, and samples... and created a photo Collage. I suggest you enlarge the photo by clicking on it , if you would like to see more of the details.

This has become a very personal piece of research and I think there is a lot more mileage in the research before I each a final conclusion. I have realy enjoyed this...... thank you Sharon.


Annica said...

Wow! So many great ideas! Very inspiring!

fiona d said...

these are so rich and interesting - they look fantastic as a photocollage

Anonymous said...

This is great - SUch a lot of inspiration for further/future work

Vivian said...

great little pieces of art .. lots of texture.