Tuesday, February 05, 2008

TIF February Challenge- Ist posting.

I have been thinking around the February Challenge.

My first response was to the colours. I felt I wanted to work with these, but the concept of past came into my thoughts too.

Sharon said "So this month stop and think what are you old enough to remember" I have been thinking , and came to the realisation that what I experience is only a product of experiences others have had in times past.

Where I live , the culture I live in, the artefacts I use, the civilisation I take for granted..... these facets have evolved over time, in fact since the Roman invaded this area of England. My experiences are but an extension of what has emerged before, in time, in space and conceptually.

I have decided to research deeper into Roman culture by investigating the area where I live. There are the Roman Baths in Bath click here:- Chedworth Villa- click here:- and Cirencester Museum click here:-

Here is my first set of research ideas in my sketchbook... and some Bridget Riley colour schemes:- click here You may like to listen to what she has to say about colour. I found it fascinating and may use some of those ideas in my work too.

As always if you click on my photos they will enlarge. I am really thinking about mosaics and hypercausts at the moment.

Anothe source of Mosaics I have visited is on my visits to Trier in Germany. The mosaics there are fantastic, so fine and so detailed. Click here:-

So back to the sketchbook.......


zquilts said...

Wow ! You are 'jammin on this one. Love the photos !

Angelcat said...

I love your thinking on this challenge Maggie, and we are so lucky to live in an area with so much history to draw on and use as inspiration. I took my degree in Greek and Roman studies and have many favourite mosaics but possibly my all time favourite is the partial 'gypsy girl' found at Zeugma those eyes of hers get me everytime.

fiona d said...

love your sketchbook, and the direction your thoughts are going - looking forward to what comes next