Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tea at the new Brewery Arts.

The new Brewary Arts centre is open at Cirencester, and Gill and I had a good look at their current exhibition after a lovely cup of tea in the new cafe area.. The Exhibition is called "Made in the Middle", one of the textile artist featured is.. Karina Thompson. I last saw her work at Art in Action a few years ago. Her pieces today were slightly smaller in size. It is a mixed exhibition of work... with some very interesting wire sculptures. Quite a number of the pieces had sold.. always good to see.

However I was absolutely thrilled with a small gift Gill had made for me..can you see it in the photo? A brooch made with a red tape measure and buttons. She is so clever. Thank you so much Gill.

Could not resist taking photos of the windows at Brewary Arts.... a sort of inside out... mind you the weather was lovely and sunny. Made all the difference.

Gill was quite surprised to hear it had rained on my journey to Cirencester this morning.

(these photos will enlarge)

We also went into the artists shop, and admired a local artists textile work. Her subject matter was generally Still Life, and she obviously enjoyed examining tonal values. She used very delicate colours and worked to a square format, using a simple machining applique technique. She said she dyed all her own fabrics using procian dyes, and had only been doing textiles for 18 months. Lovely work.

We perused a number of the local trading establishments in Cirencester, including the fabric shop, which gave our purses a minor bashing. However I was very proud of Gill... she managed to walk past the wool shop, after we had done some window shopping of course.

As promised Gill - here is the bag I have been making for the BQL internet group. Its made with very lightweight fabrics. Make a good knitting bag (giggle!).


Gill said...

Maggie, of course the brooch wasn't original but a total rip off of someone else's work!

(with apologies to the very clever and talented artist who designed the original, which I gave to several friends for Christmas before "recreating it" myself)

MargaretR said...

I love the brooch and your bag!
The inside out windows look as if they have cotton wool along the inside edges? Is it the paint on the rough stoneork?