Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't you just love the postman??

This arrived in the post yesterday... thank you so much Susan....all the way from America!

Susan is organising an incredible Cyber Fybre art exhibition.... go and have a look. Here.
My exchange will be on its way shortly.... just a little more machining to do. One of my tasks for today. Then mine will be winging its way to America to you Susan. Wish I could go with it!

Here were the sheep yesterday morning in the field .. covered in frost.......aaaaah..cute. They mistakenly thought I was going to feed them!

However swiftly got down to my learning work.... which was natural dyeing... onion skins and indigo. Great results and no mordants used. I also managed to ply my spinning and dyed one of the hanks indigo. Rather pleased with that. Of course I also took along some calico (USA -muslin)... such fun.

Here is a closer look at some of them.

By lunchtime yesterday , the sun was wonderful... but do not be deceived.. it was still very cold. If you click and enlarge the photo, you will see the sheep right down the bottom of the field.

So whats this then??? Another new craft to learn? My poor brain!

This is peg loom weaving, such fun........just lightly twist, washed and natural dyed fleece and weave.

Must go and do some stitching now... what coffee time already....?


Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Maggie - great post. I've been meaning to give a peg loom a go too - even bout the wood to make it but never made it yet. You make it sound very easy :)

Angelcat said...

those sheep really are cute. looks like you have lots of success with your dyeing and that peg loom looks fantastic