Friday, February 22, 2008

Steam Museum sketching Visit-the journey

Exhibition Journey for the Great Western Embroiderers:-
Destination - Final Artwork----,
Calling at all stations,--- Steam Museum, researching artefacts, drawing, sketching, textile techniques, sampling, meetings, workshops, advice, critique, final artwork.
Time of Arrival --September 2008----no delays envisaged.

Great Western Embroiderers had a great sketching day at the Steam Museum this Wednesday.

There were so many fascinating features to look at and sketch, we were spoilt for choice. I cannot wait to see everyone elses photos and sketches. I would like to say a huge thank you to the staff at the Museum, they were so kind and welcoming. Many of the volunteers at the Museum actually worked in the Railway sheds at Swindon so it was great to talk to them.

I do remember the last time the whistle blew at the Railway works.
Just a few of my photos and one of my sketching pages.

So where have I got to on my journey?

I have started the next stage of the design preparation... thinking and sketching about possible formats and for the finished pieces of art work which will go on display in September at the Museum. Its really exciting. I hope we can arrange a second day of sketching, as I realised I want to look at some things in more detail, now I have thought about my compositions. The museum has a good picture library too ... see here... so may use that for ideas too. Think I need to visit the local Library, as soon as my focus has narrowed a little. Sure to be loads of books on "Gods Wonderful Railway".

This is the stage of the research I enjoy... finding out more.... need to think about colour too.....

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Angelcat said...

I had a great time at Steam as well and like you have already realised that there are some things that I would like to go back and look at in a bit more detail so i do hope we can get another sketching day :)