Thursday, February 28, 2008


I have been furiously stitching this week... all by hand. Today I indulged in a little machining on this exhibition piece. I had to lay it out on the table to check that I had tonal values right. When hop, skip and jump..... there he is posing in the middle of the stitching. Obviously nice and comfy!

All my other pieces are ready, and this one is too, at last!

I had an inkiling I would manage to get it all done, my other half has had a knee problem and some treatment this week, so we have been a just a little housebound. Its a good excuse to get stitching.

So Bridport, really hope you are ready for these pieces of art.


verobirdie said...

So good to have a quality engineer to check your work! You seem to have passed the test :-)

MargaretR said...

That's your best photo yet IMHO. The cat on your stitched art.