Thursday, October 11, 2007

Great Western Embroiderers-2nd meeting

What a real pleasure these meetings are. Wonderful enthusiastic artists who are totally interested in textiles.... such a delight to get to know.

We had a hand stitching session - with attitude!! I had prepared some samples to hopefully get the creative juices going and it was a lucky dip as to which stitches you worked with..... great fun.
Here is a sampler of looped stitches. All in white.... but as much variety as possible

This one is dear old chain stitch...... an old favourite.

There were 2 more, my thinking was... enough reference material to inspire stitching with attitude! Hope fully using unusual materials too.

My preferred way of thinking for stitching is to try different ways of composing the stitches ...using pen and paper... then get out the threads and fabrics ...once the creative juices start flowing.... others need to get the threads and materials in their hands ... before they can be inventive. How do you get going?

Here is a page from my sketchbook for Fly stitch ideas and distortions:-

I only managed to do a little bit of stitching at the meeting.... my excuse was... I was leading the session! It has been really inspiring to get fabric in my hand and stitching like this again.

But pop over to Angelas blog and see how creative she has been with her 2 stitches. This was Angelas first meeting.... well done indeed..
We are having a small exhibition of our work in the sewing shop near the Designer Outlet village in Swindon next month. Will let you know more about it nearer the time.
Our next meeting is on November 13th at Cricklade, let me know if you would like to join us.


artisbliss said...

You're much more disciplined and organized than I am with your sketchbook. I can barely even find mine most of the time!ijbnij

Angelcat said...

The meeting was such great fun Maggie, you did a great job in organising it all everyone I had a chance to work with thoroughly enjoyed themselves!