Saturday, October 13, 2007

Knitting and Stitching Show - Alexandra Palace

Photo of my lamb as promised. He was made by Raymond Wirick... check out his other work .........Isn't he cute? (I do mean the lamb!)

Had to leave the lamb to fend for himself today, as went up to Ally Pally in London to help look after the CTDG stand. It was wonderful to meet and talk to so many stitchers. Met up with some friends too.... and look who else I found lurking behind the Thread Studio stand .... yes Dale from Oz

Jane from Dorset is on the left and Dale in the middle, we had a lovely chat. Great to see you Dale and Jane.

Took us ages to get out of London onto the motorway, as the traffic was so heavy. Football match at Wembley followed by a Rugby match in the evening. You think they would be a bit more considerate and put all these matches on a different weekend to our Ally Pally!

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sandra wyman said...

Thanks for your comments on Nibs - it is sad but he did have a good life while he was with me and my current weepy stage is mixed with very happy memories.

Will have to wait for K&S to come to Harrogate in Nov. Would have been nice to have met Dale (who I only know from her blog) I loce the lamb!