Monday, October 22, 2007

Tudor blackwork as an influence.

It has been a really exciting end to the week. A new venture has opened some wonderful possibilities for me and I am so excited about it, working with artists and training teachers in the area I live. The opportunity still allows me to continue with my own art work and teaching for other adult groups, so brilliant. In February another opportunity has arisen for me locally, teaching adults. So now you have caught up on my exciting news.... lets continue.

The tiltle to this post refelcts what I have been up to. I love the Tudor period, and in the past have done a lot of traditional blackwork.

As I explained in a previous post, here and here- the watching of the TV programme The Tudors, has rekindled my passion, as well as the talk about Mary Tudors wedding dress. Also another big influence, memory jogger, was seeing Val Campbell -Harding's work on display at Birmingham- here and Ally Pally here. I did not blog properly about it as I found it so emotional seeing all her work again. Maggie G has some wonderful photos of Val's work at the moment... check out her blog - here
I recall working closely with Val throughout 2002 as internal verifier for a City and Guilds course - also I had been on the committee of the CTDG. Why am I telling you this?

Well, because I did some work with her, using blackwork designs, and the computer and machine stitchery.... she inspired me a great deal. I have searched the work out and will continue doing some more work to it. I think I will then use it as a tribute to her inspiring teaching and share the designs and thinking with others, when working wearing my new "hat".

The taster photos are throughout this post .... you will easily recognise Val's influence.... (despite the colour not being hers), and here is one of the final samples:-

These are not my favourite colours... but even now I can hear her saying.... "go out of your comfort zone Maggie and use colours you do not normally use,,,, and see what excitement happens."


Dorothy said...

Hi Maggie

Dorothy said...

Hi Maggie,
I love doing blackwork too. I have a lovely sampler that I received in a round robin some time ago. I did some on there and one of my friends,Linn Skinner designed a special band of blackwork for me too. I agree with all you said about Val and I also had to walk away from the exhibition after a bit. I must dig out my pics of her work and have another look

Susan said...

The past two weeks have been rather hectic...I went to London and then returned to a mountain of work that piled up in my absence. However, this evening I took a few moments to read several of the blogs with which I ordinarily keep up...including yours. It has been a total treat. I do hope that you received the business card I left in the booth at "Ally Pally" for you...just wanted to let you know that I tried to meet you in person. Perhaps next year...if I'm fortunate enough to go again. Anyway, I really admired your comments about Valerie Campbell-Harding's exhibition, the way in which you are inspired by Blackwork, and especially all the fabulous pictures of incredible architecture that you post. Thank you so much for caring and sharing.

Kyra said...


The last image seems like a fabric computer circuit board - very inventive!

Best, Kyra

MargaretR said...

lucky you spending so much time with VCH. I never met her, but had many a long and pleasant conversation with her on the phone. A very clever lady and I would have loved to meet her.