Saturday, October 27, 2007

Swanning around

Do you have a piece of work, that reminds you about overcoming a long term illness? Continuing to think about blackwork embroidery, I remembered stitching this piece. I knew I was better when I had completed it.

The Assisi work border is not an original design. It is taken from a tray cloth I made at school when I was 11. The blackwork swan however is all my own work and design.

At the time we lived next to a big lake and the swans regularly came to our glass front door and tapped on it with their beaks until I fed them bread. I often drew them after they had been fed. This is one of the drawings, translated into blackwork. I was very ill about 15 years ago and knew I was well on the way to recovery when I started working on this and then finished it.

Also taken from one of my drawings of swans , is the swan batik I showed you back in the summer. I have worked some more on it and am pleased with the result.


Kyra said...

The bakit swan is very nice! What will you make with the fabric?


Susan said...

These works are beautiful. Your history with them is special. Thank you for sharing them.
PS I've done very little Assisi work but recently fell head over heels in love with the examples at the Victoria and Albert...most unforgettable and beyond my wildest comprehension...I can understand how making something this lovely is a healing process unto itself.