Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lazy blogger and tagged

Where has the week gone? I'm not really lazy, but have had no time to sit down at the computer. Autumn is certainly with us here in this northern hemisphere.

This is the Coach House at Urchfont.... where I stayed last weekend, and most productive it was too. Got loads of work done.

There was a bit of a mix up about the working rooms... but it was amicably sorted out. What it did mean was I managed to get a large space to work on my own. Its not what I would normally want, but as I was working on a fairly large piece of work and tonal values... it was enormously useful. Also it meant I managed to chat to folks on other courses. It was great to meet Jenny and thanks for showing me around your groups' work. Met up with Ann again and we had a good chat.

Some of the Art in the Garden exhibits were still around, as you can see the sheep above.... reminds me.....still waiting to have my lamb delivered.

A view of the kitchen garden... sure sign of the end of summer when the Dahlias are out. Overlooking the garden is this green man... created by Gordon Dickenson, he and his partner Toni work a great deal with local children and schools. I promised Gordon I would photograph his green man on my next visit. He really wants it to rust heavily... it has started Gordon... I was sorely tempted to fold some fabric over him for the weekend and do some rust dyeing....but need to ask Gordon's permission first.

The croquet lawn is being re-designed by the moles, but at least they are creating in wonderful surroundings.

Any of these pictures will enlarge if you click on them.

I have been tagged by Susan, and have been asked to follow the following instructions.... so here goes.

1. Link the person who has tagged you.

2. Tell seven honest things about yourself

3. Tag seven new people.

Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it.

So my seven honest things.

  • I love eating, especially puddings, desserts, cakes and fresh fruit, and I hate cooking.
  • I have lived in this town longer than I ever expected to. It took my husband a full 12 months to persuade me to move here with the children.
  • My childhood was spent moving house and travelling, and for years my ideal holiday was to stay at home. Something my friends found strange - as they jetted off to all the places that I had spent my childhood living. I stayed in the UK and loved it.
  • I had intended to be an air hostess when I grew up- how did I become a teacher?
  • I grew up happily with dogs as family pets and my best friends..... I have also grown to love Siamese cats. I am terrified of cows and horses.
  • I love Art, what more can I say? I have always "done" art. The love of fabric as an art material was thanks to Oma, she taught me, at an early age, a love and appreciation of the skills needed.

Now I need to tag 7 people, always difficult. Here goes.....

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Right back to the handstitching ... which I cannot show you at the moment.-Sorry.


verobirdie said...

Lovely place! I'm upset the goats are no real ones, but I can overcome that. I love the green man face!
Thanks for sharing

artisbliss said...

Thanks for playing tag. I loved the photos of Urchfont. I have always wanted to visit the UK. Maybe I will one day.

nadine said...

loved your seven things. and your photos, of course,
are fabulous.

Julie said...

Wow, Maggie! I have just clicked on the green man. What an amazing picture! I may never get round to doing anything with it but may I please use it as a source, the textures are wonderful? If not I shall have to get myself there to take my own pic lol