Monday, October 08, 2007

Tudors and Rusting

I have been re-reading a favourite book of mine.

This is a library book, think I will need to buy it for myself. The rekindling of the interest in Tudors started a little while ago at a local embroidery meeting and the talk by the maker of Mary Tudors wedding dress. See previous post

The BBC are televising a great series called the Tudors and I am really loving it. Click here for more information.

Mmmmmm .........So inspirational.

Have also done some more rusting dyeing.... this is becoming addictive. I thought I would try with some silk this time. Rather strange...some pinky red has appeared on the silk and on the cotton.

Here is the silk.

Here is the cotton...... as always you can enlarge the images by clicking on them. Can you see all that ready pink? Strange.
Tomorrow we have our next meeting of Great Western Embroiderers, we are doing some fun stitching, I might take this fabric with me..... will need to iron it first though. Really looking forward to it. Wonder if I have some threads to stitch this with?
Right better go and do some ironing!

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Liz said...

Nice rust dyeing, Maggie! I seem to get reddish spots on my rusted fabrics too ...(reddy-purple ones) ... apparently tannin and rust make black so maybe this is some other metal or dye or something which is getting in and causing another reaction. Must ask Kimberly ( )