Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feeling good

So I had forgotten to give the birds some bread this lunchtime and they were making a lot of noise in the back garden, when... I saw this larger bird strolling across the back garden... called to himself indoors............... is that a partridge?.... no--- was the reply! We know what partridge look like , plenty of roadkill in these parts.

Thanks to the RSPB website its a quail!
What it was doing in my back garden .. heaven knows. According to the RSPB ( click here)

They are quite common in Wiltshire in April and May and they eat seeds and insects..... so why I ask -- was it eating bread in my back garden in January???

I have had a really good weekend and totally indulged myself. Finished my granddaughters birthday present. She loves my bag... so I have made her one of her own.

Then I decided to play with my embroidery software and sewing machine .... and cannot remember the last time I became so engrossed and really enjoyed myself, all fuelled by a get together last Wednesday of some stitchery mates. We talked and showed our work and I hope the others feel as energised as I did. good to talk about what you are trying to do.

Helen also shared some of her designs with me... and that was fun, to see if my ten year old software could read it and download to the machine... and..... it did as you can see.

I also took one of my own designs to see if I still had the skills to digitise.... that was enjoyable.... especially as I have some ideas for how to use the designs as well.... may take a little while to realise. As the image is only part of the process. so no instant art here!
Our local art and craft store ( Frameworks) is closing down, so I managed to buy some more procian dyes in the sale.... and so will need to start dyeing again. At the moment the weather is too cold.

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Rachel said...

Maybe the partridge isn't finding enough seeds?

Looks like you have had a fun week1