Tuesday, January 04, 2011

sketchbook posting day

Woke up to some un-forecasted ( is there such a word?) snow this morning.. but by lunchtime it was disappearing fast.
So no excuses ....... time to make the journey to the post office and dispatch the sketchbook on its way to Brooklyn. ( check it out here) .
I have not taken many photos, but like others participants I found the paper quite difficult to cope and work with and so felt I was not able to work in ways that are my usual practice. Actually think that it is good to break out of the comfort zone on occasions, but this was a challenge.

I finally decided to make the sketchbook into an over sized flip book.... so although I have taken photos.......... the effect is better as a video. Its the sort of sketchbook that needs to be handled, not just looked at.

The video I took is not brilliant, but hopefully shows what I was trying to achieve. Blame my amateur movie skills for that one.

Here are some of the still photos of the sketchbook. I had intended taking a replacement video, but the light conditions have been awful these last few weeks, so have had to make do.

You can probably see how thin the paper is in the sketchbook.
However changing thoughts to another direction ...... I cannot usually see the point of new year resolutions, this year however, I think I am going to indulge in the process of re-evaluation of my creative work to see if I can make some new resolutions. May not lead anywhere, but feel I need to do it, before I carry on.
Have loads of divergent ideas and so I think I need to try and see the way forward a little more clearly. Always a difficult task. I'll see if it works. A case of " Just do it!"


Glenys said...

Nice. I like to doodle too.

Things Hand Made said...

I think its looks really good, well done. I have been flicking around looking for some sketchbook inspriartion and I really like the idea of a flick book