Monday, January 24, 2011


Feel so tired at the moment, and not helped by cooking and feeding the family Sunday lunch yesterday. Mind you even if I say so myself.. it tasted so good!

Grandchildren wanted to play Tri-ominoes after the meal..............the adults however were too tired and retired to snooze in front of the TV.

So out came the sketching paper, and I showed them how to use my new B to 6B pack of sketching pencils and also we talked about different ways of shading and using the pencils. We had lots of fun, all sitting around the dining room table, after the dishes had been cleared. Think my efforts will find their way into my Faces sketchbook.

I was very impressed with the sketching and use of the pencils...... 15 year old was drawing cars.... 12 year old Still life -- in particular my vases... 10 year old was drawing Manga faces, and 5 year old Bertie Bassett from my Liquorice Allsorts... did I take a photo... nah! forgot!

Anyway managed to get all the crockery changed round in the cupboards...... it was a lot of washing up!

It was good to see them all.

P.S. I have finsihed all that number work for the tax man... yes!

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