Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Skinny quilt

Have spent some time this week making this skinny quilt for a swop that is happening on BQL

The idea is you make a quilt for Jan/Feb that is 12inches by 24 inches, upload pictures to the list and then you can choose one to swop with from the gallery of quilts.

You get the quilt you have chosen, if someone wants your offering. Just as well I like my quilt, it is a bit bright and abstract, which I like but not sure others will. If no-one wants it I get to keep it.
I am not much good with numbers and my quilt is not quite as skinny as it should be its 2 inches wider than instructions.... so I have stretched the tolerance to the maximum. Ummm!
Great day today, had a meeting with like minded artists in my new studio, and we all discussed our work and sketchbooks, trying to discover our individual way forward in our work. Really inspiring.

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Angelcat said...

Your skinny looks fabulous Maggie. I'm hoping to make something for this challenge myself.