Saturday, January 01, 2011

Its a new day in a new year.

On one of the Internet lists I belong to we have been discussing different cutters mainly used by scrapbookers for creating intricate paper designs, and the discussion then ventured into whether these would work with fabric too..
Which led us to discuss the version marketed by Bernina. Apparently it can be used by the Artista 180 up to the present machine.
I have a Bernina 170 , but apparently although it has the embroidery module the cut work accessory will not work with it.
However , never to take anything at face value, fellow blogger Ros kindly sent me a design for cut work, to see if my 170 would be able to see the design. It saw the design .. but not as a cut work design, but as an Embroidery design.

Here is my trusty 170, stitching out the design beautifully. I decided to put a tangerine thread on the bobbin and a variegated yellow to beige thread on the top..... have to say I really liked it.

I plan to play with this some more..... many thanks Ros.
Does anyone else have/use the Bernina Cut work accessory? Just wish it would work with my 170.
Would love to hear from you if you have any experiences of these cutting machines.
Having set up my machine and the computer link..... I could not resist playing some more. Have had a wonderful time today... so really pleased. I really feel that I shall be doing some more work on the embroidery module.

I have signed up for a new sketchbook challenge, as I thought it would give me something to focus on every month, so in anticipation of a great surge of inspiration, I read the challenge this morning on the blog............ I must admit I felt let down when I read the focus of January's challenge... Mmmmm ... thinking cap time. Do I or don't I carry on???

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