Saturday, June 04, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

I have had an enjoyable week by revisiting my painting on fabrics experiments.
This is quite a large quilt, well in length anyway, and I am not totally sure about the best way of mounting this for exhibition purposes. I think it may need a large frame on the back for support.
The good weather has helped the process of painting with dye, as the drying times have been halved. In theory this could mean I can do twice as much work... but my brain does not quite work like that.

Completed Journal quilts for the Contemporary Quilt Groups challenge 2011. Feb - May

These are the first 4 of 12 - the challenge for these 4 was to use circles. The fabrics are hand dyed, and then I appliqued the shapes and used lot of quilting as a surface texture. They are individual, but I prefer them together in this chequerboard pattern which accentuates the complemetary colours. At the moment they do not have any bindings.... when the challenge is complete we are given the details for binding by the organiser. Its now time to think about the next 4 Journal quilts.


Anonymous said...

The way the colours blend and merge on your painted quilt are fantastic - reminds me of sunrises on the East Coast.

Helen Cowans said...

The four journal quilts work really well together.