Sunday, June 19, 2011

Irish Dancing and flowers

My Granddaughter has been taking part in Irish dancing competitions for about 4 years and this year instead of birthday presents asked for money to help her buy an Irish dance competition dress. They are extremely expensive to make, but she is delighted with the outcome.

She also delighted me yesterday by visiting to show me the outfit. I have been asked to make the "shawl" that hangs at the back and the decorations and embroidery. An honour indeed.

I dashed out in the morning to pick up hubby's new meds, and when I returned this box was sat in my studio, having been delivered in my absence. Poor hubby thought I had a secret admirer.

No.... I assured him... I was intrigued though.... and then on reading the accompanying card found out.....these wonderful blooms had been sent by my very thoughtful and special Internet chums... thank you so much....I have to confess an emotional tear was shed.
Aren't they beautiful? I feel so lucky and so privileged to have such kind friends.


Toni said...

Maggie you must be so proud of your lovely granddaughter. Her dress looks delightful and very different to any of the Irish dancers I have seen in Australia or on TV. I always admire and enjoy watching them. They must practice a lot.
The flowers are beautiful and well deserved. Enjoy.

Helen Cowans said...

Lovely GC and flowers :)

underatopazsky said...

Yes, the cost of Irish dance dresses is enough to make your hair go into the tight curls they have in their wigs!! Thank goodness the boys come a LOT cheaper (waistcoat, bowtie and school uniform will do for the rest!!).
The flowers are lovely. Hope you really enjoy them.

Claire said...

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Braydon said...

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