Monday, June 06, 2011

Stitching.......and Japanese textiles

I have been machine stitching onto my hand dyed fabrics.. just loved moving the colours with stitch.

Not sure exactly how I am going to use the result yet... might end up as a book cover.

Had the monthly branch meeting of the Embroiderers Guild at Marlborough today..... a very thought provoking talk about Japanese Textiles by Jennifer Hughes. Jennifer showed us some wonderful original textiles - this first one is stencilled and so is the second one below.

Then here are some examples of tie and dye.. some pieces of fabric have been tied but not dyed...... lots of indigo as well.


underatopazsky said...

Mmm, I love Japanese textiles and the indigo ones are wonderful. I like the flashes of orange in the green of your machine stitching too.

Helen Cowans said...

I love that top picture. Great colours )