Thursday, June 02, 2011

There are times......when.........

It turned out to be one of those days.... My haircut was booked 9 weeks ago.. and an extra week (to my normal 8) was added as hairdresser was having a well deserved holiday in Malta. No problem... except it turns out he is still in Malta today.
Malcolm took pity on me as I could no longer see. The fringe had overtaken the glasses, so he kindly cut the fringe, and bless his cotton socks... would not take any money for it. However I shall have to phone again on Tuesday when my hairdresser is back.. we hope!

So I decided to use up the rest of the time I had purchased at the parking meter, to go and visit the Art Gallery in Old Town... and I was well rewarded. The Gallery is still showing some of my favourite works... a Lowery and a Sickert Drawing and my all time favourite by Gillian Ayres. Here are the details.........

and here is a photo of the painting taken at an angle to try and show the surface texture Gillian has achieved with the paint..... but if you want to see it for real... go to the gallery. Well worth the trip in my humble opinion.

Amazing use of colour and paint......just love it.

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