Friday, June 17, 2011

Carers week UK

(click on photo for more info on Parkinsons)

A very interesting if emotional week for me, when official offers of help have been discussed over the telephone all this week. It was not until yesterday when I took hubby for an emergency consultants appointment at the hospital that I realised it was Carers week see here. Might explain some of the activities going on.

I have been a carer for a long time..... but did not recognise the "title" as applying to myself. I struggled last week as I was not very well myself, and was so worried as my assistance is constantly needed.

My personal experience is that a medical diagnosis is made on the ill person.....( or in this case two separate diagnosis) and left to the carer to deal with. I had no idea that I could even ask for assistance. I thought that only those who were permanently in wheelchairs or in bed qualified for any help.

I think the reason I am talking so publicly about this is please do not struggle like I did/ have been/still am. Absolutely no-one will tell you about what to do, or what is right for you or the person you are looking after, or for you. You have to do everything yourself.

I think if another person says to me there is information on this website or here is a leaflet........ I will scream out load ---- I do not want information ... I want help in sorting it all out!. What I actually needed was some one to look at us and after discussion say... here is what you need and here is what we can do for you as an organisation.. and I will get X and X and X to phone you with these areas they can help with. Are you happy with that. As a society we are so frightened of taking responsibility for helping others and are always offering opportunities to pass on information but not actually doing anything. Perhaps I am guilty of this too... by writing this post.

I was so lucky in finding that wonderful person on the end of the telephone at my Local council.. and to her I say a huge thank you....... a number of phone calls have happened since she became involved.....I am still waiting for any real physical help to materialise.... but I do know the ball is rolling, and all this could take up to 6 weeks to get going.

In the meantime I just hope I can still handle the situation. Thank goodness I have my stitching and art to keep me sane.


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May your help come soon Maggie.

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