Monday, June 13, 2011

Good for you ! Improves your health!

Well its official, creativity is good for you, it improves your health. Read this article in the Daily Mail for confirmation ( here), but I think we knew that anyway... didn't we?

My daughter has certainly been creative and using my studio a great deal. She has agreed to take a Sales table at the local School Fete this Saturday........ and has been making lots of "goodies" and I get the job of sewing the buttons on! Also helping at the stall on the day will be a task for me.

I really hope it goes well, that the sun shines and she sells out of all the lovely pin cushions, cards, lap quilts, cushions, bags and brooches she has hand made. I wish her well in her creative endeavour.


Rachel said...

I, too, wish her well. Let's hope for good weather!

nuvofelt said...

Maggie, if she has anything left send her to Etsy! Tell her to ask me if she needs any help. Love that article. Someone sent it to me too. I'd heard about the research, filled in a questionnaire.