Saturday, February 25, 2006


Felt update

Have done some more feltmaking, quite pleased with the results of the 3 pieces I have done recently. Next stage is to get them under the machine (embellisher). Suspect I may not have a great deal of time for this, as the day job is a bit demanding at the moment.

At least I know what I want to do. I can understand why artists such as Bridget Riley - get others to do the manual painting , just not enough hours in the day! You can spend hours resolving design issues, then run out of daylight hours to do the actual manual work.

I really like this one, the figure is quite minmal.

Crocus Update

Have just been out in the freezing cold to take a photo of the crocuses in the pot in the front garden to share with you. The wind is bitterly cold, sun is shining, and NO snow yet..............
The crocuses seem reluctant to open , who can blame them. However the weeds seem to be surviving very well. Typical.

Puppy update

Thought I had better "come clean" that, really the puppy from previous posts is an adolescent now. I feel so much better now that I have shared that with you.

The stitching supporter has grown quite a lot and is displaying typical adolescent tendencies and he has certainly discovered that ladies exist. Occasionally he is capable of independent thought, despite my notorious hard line discipline techniques. He is known to sulk, still plays with toys when the mood strikes, enjoys watching TV, can attempt to eat us out of house and home, leaves all his possessions wherever he wishes and never tidies up.

We have both been expelled from puppy classes, as neither of us could cope with doing as we were told. It seems that we both have independant spirits, very difficult to tame, and certanly not serious enough to be taught!


MargaretR said...

I am not a dog person, never had one. But I could love this one!

Zaz said...

Love the felt Maggie - do you use it for backgrounds?

also love the dog! whhoops! being expelled from training classes :0) doesnt look like he needs it realy - such a cutie!


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Yes, Sara, I have been using the felts as the basis for the backgrounds, and building up the layers. Early days yet in the development of this particular technique,so will try to keep you posted.
Schnauzer is a cutie, and believe me --we both need training.

Carol said...

Love the felt Maggie,I love primitiveimages like the cave drawings.
Look forward to seeing them develope