Friday, February 17, 2006

Crocus Day

Was really pleased to notice today that spring is on its way. These crocuses, (fighting with the weeds in my patio pot outside in the front garden), were enjoying the morning sunshine.

Spent some time, playing with the digital image in paint shop pro, using the layers facility. I was particularly pleased with this one, disguises the weeds without having to do the weeding. Now that's my sort of gardening!

This image has a slighly more colourful background. I can imagine this transferred to textiles by dye painting and FME probably on water soluable. It's growing on me the way the crocuses are framed in this image. ( Oohps -no pun intended!). Might be interesting to print it onto fabric that has been soaked in Bubble Jet set and then ................ maybe embroider.

The Boss

Thought I had better introduce "the boss". She is a quiet, unobtrusive moggie but keeps absolute control of our other furry friends. We have been fostering her for fourteen and half years. (she is 15 1/2). Its a long story, but basically the vet saw us coming! We were supposed to foster her for a few weeks, but as you can see she is very happy with us and we adore her too, and she stayed.

1 comment:

Zaz said...

I am so jealous of your crocus!! spring isnt far away in the UK!

here in sweden we are still knee deep in snow !

love the old lady too ! real charmer.