Sunday, February 26, 2006

Memory Lane

Have just been doing some research into Picasso and Cubism, for some lessons this week. More of a "refresh the memory" tour. Have created some new handouts and OHP transparencies to use . Then looked through some of my photos to see if I could find some suitable images. Came to a full stop when I found these.

The photo, above, from a recent trip, reminded me I was going to create some decorative textiles using these as a source. I thought it could so easily be used for a quilt or applique. The amazing thing about this particular village was the number of houses that were embellished in this way.

I hate having to paint the woodwork on the outside of our house....... If you lived here it would be a certainly be a labour of love!


MargaretR said...

Fantastic designs. Where were they from?

Liz said...

These are lovely, Maggie.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

They were in a small village in the Sauerland in Germany. Amazing they survived the bombing during the war.They were built in the middle ages and have just been renovated to their true colours.

Elle said...

Oh wow, that woodwork is so cool!