Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Meeting of Friends

Great day today, went to the Brewery Arts in Cirencester and met up with 2 fantastic pals. We had a great time chatting and drinking coffee.Unfortunately the gallery is between exhibitions and was closed today, the staff are busy setting up the new exhibition for Saturday. Weather was good for February, cold but sunny. Really felt annoyed with myself as I had forgotten to take my camera to record the event. We also visited the local art shop and a few of the galleries in Cirencester. However Gill remembered hers. So visit her blog for some great pictures.

I was persuaded today by my 2 pals to start this blog, and so this is my first attempt to see if it works. Not really sure what I am doing yet. Can only get better. She says hopefully . Have posted pictures of 2 of my pieces of work on the embellisher (above), just for Sue, who said she liked them.

Thought I would add some pictures of my stitching buddies, the four legged ones!

Then some more of my work, otherwise my stitching buddies will steal all the limelight as usual.

I have been working with face images for quite a while now. I no longer have this stitched and painted textile, only the photo, but it has a good home. The other picture is my flower stitcher in action , the fabric was coloured with transfer dyes, and as the fabric is a synthetic mix, I had to back it with calico so I could stitch it. This piece of work is not finished, it may stay as a sample to inspire me. Or I may use it someday.


Carol said...

Welcome to Blog world Maggie, I love your sewing companions, especially the kitten,

Liz said...

Well done, Maggie! I love the colours in your embellisher pieces.

Gill said...

So glad you were "persuaded" Maggie! Good to see your work in glorious technicolour - your little friends too, of course.