Saturday, February 18, 2006


Busy day today, went for a lovely walk tonight and remembered to take my camera. It was just getting dark, and I was not sure how good the photos might be. I missed the sunset, but caught a view across Swindon. This is the site the Romans camped on in approx 34AD, the tree is beside the spring they used and the Villa complex starts just left of the path and carries on down the hill to the left. The Time Team (TV fame) were here last year as part of the big dig across the UK.

I live about a 4 minute stroll away, and we have pleasant views across Swindon on a clear day. It can get rather windy up here on the hill though!

Have also done a little work today in my studio. Recently have been talking about Icons and it rekindles my interest, so had a play today. Started with some very simple sketches inspired by "the Saint" . Do you remember the TV series?

Did a few drawings of my own.................

then did a little bit of felt making, this is really very soft pre-felt. I love it when it will only just hold together. Thought I might put it under my embellisher tomorrow if I have time.


Gill said...

Maggie, when we drive back from Birdlip, we can see your hill - next time we go along there, I'll wave, ok?

Interesting icons btw!

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Shall wave back madly Gill !

Liz said...

Nice stick figures! I like the one you've done on felt - the black against the orangey background is great!

Sue said...

This is a very interesting theme, Maggie and I'm so looking forward to seeing how your felted piece develops! Sue.