Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Chaos and Contemporary work

This piece of work is the first to be put under the sewing machine in the new studio. It may not be my best piece of work, but it summarises a lot of my recent feelings. I am going to call it " the chaos" some of you will know what I mean.

It is not quite finished, I have run out of blue fabric, so tomorrow am going to dye some more. Originally I was going to bind the edges with yellow, but have changed my mind and want to use blue, and of course I do not have enough fabric.....;0)

I have loved stitching it, and though notone of my best, but it has been stitched with a lot of feeling. It is a very contemporary piece and I can imagine others will interpret in their own way.

Talking of contemporary work..........
You may be interested in a new website that has just been launched. It features contemporary quilters and I feel sure that it will develop and grow in the future. The contemporary quilters are certainly a forward thinking group, and it is easy to join them in their adventure. Go and have a look here

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