Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Studio opening is now!

Great excitements today, the vertical blinds came and are fitted, the flooring came ..........along with some great flooring fellas who did a great job of laying it.... my studio is now ready for creativity.
Still lacking some basic facilities like furniture in these photos.... but I can soon change that.


Rosalind Pollock said...

A lovely blank canvas to make your mark on!
Have fun!

Dorothy Gibbs said...

Hi Maggie,
Wow! What a lovely space. I KNOW you will have fun in it.
Well done you!

Helen Suzanne said...

oooo maggie that looks a wonderful job! and the suggestion of the other storage space... now you'll really be able to claim the space properly as a studio. will be wonderful to see what comes out of it ;)

Gill said...

Tada!! Looks marvellous Maggie. I wonder how long it will stay empty....let the creativity begin!

Helen Cowans said...

Looking forward to seeing this fill up :)

Rachel said...

Now you've just got to "run in" your studio by making your first project in it!